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11 October 2012


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I had much the same reactions - I, too, think I automatically have a reserved attitude toward war novels because There Will Be Atrocities, and I just... steel myself, and back off.

It is a gorgeous cover, is it not? And I laughed that she ended up in Maine. Talk about alien cultures.

On a flight from Miami I sat with an entire large group of African natives with UNESCO papers pinned to their robes. They couldn't figure out the seat belts, their children were either terrified or bewildered by the aircraft, and there was this air of ... resigned acceptance about them. We passengers helped to belt them in, gave their children snacks, and watched them.

I wonder if they went to Maine.

Brooke Shirts

I feel the same way about blank verse novels! In fact, I just realized that the last several blank verse novels I've read were ALL about war refugees (Inside Out & Back Again; All the Broken Pieces; Home of the Brave). It's almost like blank verse becomes shorthand for Panful, Deep, & Meaningful storytelling. I still admire the novels mentioned above, but gaaah, enough.

I would like to throw down the glove and dare any author to write a blank verse novel that's full of snark, wit, and general good times. Just to see if it can be done.


As soon as I saw this cover it reminded me of this photo of Oprah, taken for the 10th anniversary issue of O magazine. http://creativetimes.blogspot.com/2010/04/congratulations-to-oprah-magazine-on.html

Gabrielle Prendergast

Wonderful review. I will link to it this week on versenovels.com if that's okay. Oh and Brooke, try LOVE AND LEFTOVERS BY Sarah Tregay of if you can wait, AUDACIOUS, by ME! Out next fall from Orca Books.

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