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12 October 2012


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Brian F.

This is going to sound snarky and I don't mean it to but I have to ask: what's the fascination with spotting repetitive stock images? I see this a lot on blogs. I always feel like someone's saying, "Caught you! Those sneaky publishers are trying to put one over on us." Or they think houses first check with each other to make sure no one else is using an image they've selected. I don't get it.


Brian, I'll hazard a guess. You are a writer. You have labored over this manuscript. (Unless you are James Patterson-like, who apparently ingests so much literary Metamucil so as to make his writing *ahem* relaxed and flow easy.) You feel you have a unique book, one lots of people should read. Aaaaand... your publisher goes with a stock image used on a few other books. Way to make your book look the same and forgettable. It seems lazy to me and smacks of some arrogance. Of course, there is the time used in photoshopping in a phone or zooming in so we are sure to notice Dat A$$! I guess the publisher who merely upped the brightness was the laziest.

But I'm just guessing. Leila?


I think people have different reasons for posting them, just like they have different opinions about 'em. Me, I just think that they're fun, the same way I enjoy spotting lesser-known character actors as they bop from tv show to tv show. (Like Don S. Davis! He was Major Briggs on Twin Peaks, but he was also Scully's dad, as well as at least one episode of, like, everything. Same goes for Gary Cole. Love him.)

Anyway, I dunno. For me, spotting lookalike covers is like Where's Waldo, but way nerdier.


It's like the Hey, It's That Guy!* of the book world.

*RIP, Fametracker


@Lisa: EXACTLY! I'm always so happy when I find other 'Hey, It's That Guy' fans. :D

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