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09 November 2012


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I usually don't like hearing about other people's dreams, but this was hilarious! Chet is totally the worst!

(Oh dear lord, I hope he doesn't show up in my dreams now!)


I'm dying laughing! I know a patron just like this. Every time she walks up to the desk I want to growl like a cornered animal. Thankfully such people are few and far between... even the average "problem patron" is preferable, because at least then there's some entertainment value/lesson-learning going on.


Most of my patrons are lovely, but we have one patron we affectionately refer to as bearded guy. He refuses to learn how to use computers, but he has no qualms about asking us to search the internet for the most random facts vaguely related to King Arthur (we think he's searching for the Holy Grail). When he's finished with the research questions, he likes to hit on me. So pleasant.


There's a patron like that at my library, too, only s/he was my nemisis from the moment I moved to town, made my life hell at my old job, actually lives by me (in a town of 200K people) AND once almost ran me over with his/her car. Everytime I see him/her, I also want to start punching him/her in the throat.

Lindsey Carmichael

I have a Chet, too! Actual, physical repulsion in his presence. A little awkward, because it causes uncontrollable trembling and then people keep asking me what's wrong. And I CAN'T TELL THEM. Why is it that the people that affect you like this are always the ones you have no choice but to spend time with?

Professor Mortis

I am glad to say I've never had a Chet follow me to my dreams.

Thank God.

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