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29 December 2012


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Oh, man, can I come vacation at your house? (This was literally my first thought on seeing your bookshelves... and then I remembered that I work IN A HUGE LIBRARY. And then it was my second thought, again, because my library doesn't have Josh. Or evil-but-generous hunters like Miss Lemon. Or if it does they keep a low profile.)

Little Willow

Yay for bookshelves, yay for puzzles, and yay for cats.
Simple, really.


I am SO JEALOUS. This needs to happen at my house. Do you think the landlord would notice if we just knocked down a wall to make space for more bookshelves?

Lindsey Carmichael

There are never enough bookshelves!


I got new bookshelves too!!! An office closed, and the retirees were trying to get rid of three seven foot shelves. And yes, on a day with sixty mph gusts of wind and driving rain, I did indeed borrow my friend's Suburban and load up them puppies and drive them across a bridge home with the tailgate down and no orange flag.


I have ACTUAL BLANK AND EMPTY SPOTS on the bookshelf.
And piles of Cybils books yet to be shelved.

Oh, wait...

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