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08 December 2012


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regarding Bibi: here's the thing. no matter how nice the place, some "we're so funny" DJs are going to prank call or otherwise attempt to humiliate; some "but I'm a reporter" is going to get a job as an orderly and take photos of her at her worst.


and does anyone, ever, like Rivers St John/ St John Rivers?


Yeah, but Rathburn's rationalization for keeping her in the attic was more about keeping her safe from possible abuse in an institution, rather than concerns about the paparazzi. (Well, the publicity factored in to some degree, as did his own guilt about her condition, but the argument that he actually vocalized was based on the idea that all mental institutions are rife with abuse.) Anyway, I definitely agree that there will be dickbags who pull stunts like those idiot DJs, but hiding your mentally-ill wife up in your attic is totally not the way to get around it. And if there was that much interest in her, some investigative journalist totally would have broken the story earlier.

...it's quite possible that I've put far too much thought into this.

And, no. I don't think ANYONE likes St. John Rivers. At least, I've never met anyone who admitted to it. Yecch.


I love that you mentioned Oliver Trask-I had to google to confirm who he was but I loathed that punk. I kind of really have to rewatch the New Year's Eve episode now...I love when Ryan bursts in to kiss Marissa at midnight, swoon! Of course I also hate St. John (especially his stupid name; why can't he just be John????)


Boo on St. John.

I really did love this book. BIG love.

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