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10 December 2012


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We once had a guy watching porn videos at the community college library I work at. He was wearing headphones, but he had neglected to plug them in all the way, so everyone else in the library could hear these sounds coming from the computer. Several people in the room were kind of snickering, but I still hadn't figured out what was going on until I went over to the study cubicle he was at to tell him to fix his headphones and saw what was on his computer screen. Needless to say, I wanted a brain bleach after that visual.


Campus we used to work at that stuff meant a call to campus police; they took it from there, and if they were a repeat, it meant a criminal trespass citation (effectively banning them). We had no tolerance for it, nor did our students. Personally, I don't care how someone gets their jollies in private, but once you take it out in public (pun fully intended), you are invading our right to peace and out you go.


We have a two-story library and it drives me crazy that people think it's perfectly ok to view porn on the computers FACING THE CHILDREN'S AREA. Srsly, why not go upstairs where we're less likely to catch you?? We give one warning and then kick you out, unless a kid catches you. We have some very moral middle schoolers and the last couple times they've seen someone looking at porn they called their parents and the police and the librarian!


These days I'm just glad when it's legal porn being viewed in a public place, as opposed to the two guys who've watched child porn on computers at my library. One of them got arrested, the other one simply kicked off campus. I'm also glad that I've never seen what they were looking at.


Jeeeeeeeeeez. THAT's a situation I haven't had to deal with. (Happily.)

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