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03 January 2013


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JUMPER was interesting. My mom lent it to me a while back, and I think I read it and the sequel. As I recall, it wasn't originally a YA necessarily...is that right? I'm not sure.

BUT. I do agree with you about Hayden Christiansen. I did not see the movie.


Yeah, it was originally published for the adult market, I think, and it kind of reminded me of Crusher in that it's about a teenager, but I don't know if I'd actually call it YA... But it's very definitely a crossover at the least.


The movie isn't really based on the book; it's based on a kid who can teleport. In fact, Gould wrote a new book (Jumper: Griffen's Story) since it was a completely different, often incompatible tale. There's a lot more government conspiracies in the movie.

I liked it, and didn't find Davy annoyingly lachrymose. My young teen is now a dedicated Gould fan, and he's looking forward to the third book, which apparently features Davy's teenaged kid.


Yeah, I think it would all have been much less confusing if the publisher hadn't released a copy of the book with the movie poster as the cover art. :P

Also, I love the word 'lachrymose'. It's one that makes me grin every time I run across it... which is weird, considering the definition, but there we are.

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