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01 January 2013


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Auntie M.

Wonderland aside, plot sounds very much like Nancy Werlin's Impossible.

Lindsey Carmichael

The guys in Impossible were way less annoying, though. Why do such irritating books get such gorgeous covers?

Little Willow

This one landed on my radar about a month ago, and, as with most Alice-related stories, I put it on my to-read list.

I am sad to hear that there's a love triangle (yawn) that muddies things up; one of the best aspects of the original story is that Alice is young and innocent, that she is on her own most of the time, that those who guide her are strangers who come in and out of the story, while she is the only through line, the only ever-present character, and that any fear is trumped by her need to know and to explore, that curiosity is what keeps pulling her forward.

There are too many adaptations of Alice which romanticize the Mad Hatter. He's not a romantic interest. He's an older man who is cuckoo. He's not supposed to be her boyfriend. Neither is the White Knight. But I digress, 'cause I'm getting on my soapbox... :)

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