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28 January 2013


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I was happy to see Code Name Verity and Dodger take home a Printz Honor, but I have not even heard of White Bicycle or In Darkness. I'm all for rooting for underdogs, but these two books were not even on the radar for me and I thought I had gone through every review magazine known to mankind while ordering for the library.

Also, yay for Seraphina snagging the Morris. It was one of my favorite books I read this past year.

I was kind of surprised to see The Fault in Our Stars not even getting an honorable mention for anything, given that everyone and their brother seems to adore it and John Green. Oh, well, it's not as if he needs the recognition.


I'd heard of In Darkness -- and had it in my hands, even! -- but haven't read it yet. The White Bicycle is new to me as well, though it was published by a small Canadian publisher, so I'm not beating myself up for missing it. :D


I'm sad not to see Endangered honored. I liked Aristotle & Dante quite a bit, but less than some of the others that came out last year.


Yeah, I loved Endangered as well!


I am usually pretty disappointed with the winner of the Printz. This year was no exception. The cover of In Darkness looks familiar, but I'm drawing a total blank on it. I know I didn't buy it for the library. I have to admit I was pretty happy that The Fault in Our Stars wasn't on the list. It was a good book, but I didn't think it was exceptional (I kind of don't get why everyone is falling all over themselves about it. To each their own, I guess). I loved Code Name Verity and wanted that to win but am happy it at least received an honor.

I've definitely put in a request for In Darkness (still not sure if I'll buy it, the Printz winners are always a really hard sell) and I just checked out Aristotle & Dante. I have never heard of The White Bicycle. Dark horse indeed.


I'm happy for CODE NAME VERITY, haven't read the other four (though DODGER was already on my list). I really wanted to see another Printz/Morris sweep by SERAPHINA, but I'll take just the Morris! I would not have been surprised to see THE FAULT IN OUR STARS on the list, but I'm not surprised to not see it there, either (if that makes sense. It doesn't? Oh, well). I'll probably read ARISTOTLE & DANTE; not sure about the others.


I *meant* to read In Darkness -- I totally even ILLed it! -- but I didn't get to it before I had to send it back. I'll have to try again soon.

I hear both of you about TFiOS -- I wouldn't have been surprised to see it on the list, but was fine with the idea of it NOT being on the list.


This is yet another year in which the Printz disappointed me - I'm really happy Code Name Verity at least got an Honor, but I'm getting a bit frustrated with the Printz's habit of picking obscure titles. Not that it should be a popularity contest, and some years it's definitely possible that the best book was published by a small publisher in a tiny run - but almost every year?

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