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15 January 2013


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Yeah, I used to drive my Office Manager at Borders nuts by finding nickels, dimes, and pennies on the store floor and turning them into her. Because they weren't mine so what else was I suppose to do?


I've never shoplifted either. I'm pretty boringly law abiding, unless you count jaywalking.

Jessica Silverstein

Well, that's a fabulous article. My response to your question: http://readingontheftrain.blogspot.com/2013/01/shoplifting-many-of-cool-kids-have-in.html


I took a book out of a bookstore to read it on the bench in the mall. I was waiting for my mom to come and buy it for me, but when she arrived I realized that it was a good thing the store didn't notice me walking out with it; I was too busy reading to remember where the store boundaries were...

Does that count?


Um... yeah. No shoplifting here, either. I even paid my mother for the stamps I took out of her purse.

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