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04 February 2013


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Margaret S.

“The Daughter of Time” is my everyone-must-read-once book. It changed the way I see the world. Every time I come across a copy in a used bookstore, I acquire it, so that I can give it away.

I’m with you on “The Franchise Affair” and “Bratt Farrar,” too. I never get tired of re-reading them.


Yay! Always so happy to see love for Tey. :)


Love Tey and especially those three book!! Also really like Miss Pym Disposes, for the character studies and writing rather than the actual plot.


@Genevieve: YES! Love that one, too. I will never stop wishing for More Tey.


Ooh, Josephine Tey. Can you believe I only discovered her in grad school??? It's time to dig out my old books...

(Seeing a theme in the comments here. Dare I suggest we could do a FAINWORTHY-SWOON Reread???? Just lemme know when...)

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