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05 February 2013


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Well, it didn't turn me vegetarian, fortunately. But it's quite descriptive.


It was the rabbit scene towards the beginning that made the biggest impression on me, I think. *shudder*

Taylor @ Reading is the Thing

This book looks fantastic. I hope I get a chance to read it! Great review!


Thanks, Taylor: I'm looking forward to seeing what other people think of it!


This is on my TBR list, and I'm hoping my library's copy is ready soon .... nice review!


I really struggled to read some of the more gorey parts-I'm a bit too squeamish for that. I also hated the love triangle; I actually would have preferred more of the gross vivisection scenes than Juliet's never ending back and forth between the guys.


@Bookworm1858: Yeah, I *thought* the gory bits were really effective, and as I'm not especially squeamish, I was only positing that they might squick people out -- glad to know I wasn't wrong there.

SPOILER: Interesting about your reaction to the love triangle! I usually hate love triangles -- or, at least, find them tiresome -- but this one didn't bother me so much. Maybe because each guy appealed to different facets of Juliet's personality/psyche/self (Montgomery human/romantic love, Edward animal/sexual love)? END SPOILER.

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