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26 February 2013


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Alistair is my favorite too. He haunts a library, he's cranky, and the only person who can see him keeps making out in his space.


RIGHT? I'D BE CRANKY, TOO! (But if I had to haunt a place, I'd totally want to haunt a library. As long as I could ILL stuff. After all, I WOULDN'T WANT TO RUN OUT OF READING MATERIAL!)

Maureen E

Slightly off topic, but my worst smack down of all time was delivered to the guy in my senior anthro class who kept trying to imitate an upper class British accent and doing it oh, so, SO wrong. I had just come back from London. I death glared at him across the classroom and said, "You just need to stop."

(I am waiting for my copy. Waaaaiiiitttiiiinnggg.)


That was not at all off topic.

It was also hilarious.

Maureen E

Especially if you know that I'm very soft spoken and non confrontational in real life.


That's the worst thing for Alistair! He has read the entire library. I suppose they get new stuff in, but when you have nothing to do but read . . . it's such an awesome/terrible fate, like the Twilight Zone episode with no ironic twist.


I really love the writing here and I can't wait for book 3 as Rory sets out to do what she said she was going to do (obviously not writing it out to avoid spoilers).


@Livania: Yes! See, that would be terrible, to be stuck in a library with nothing new to read. I mean, re-reading can be great and all, but RE-READING THE SAME BOOKS FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER? No thank you. (That's why I hate that Desert Island Question.)

@Bookworm1858: (very, very vague spoiler-->) YES. I am SO excited for Rory to BRING THE PAIN, as it were. Because there is a certain someone who most definitely deserves to be TAKEN DOWN.


I decided after the pipsy story in book 1 that Maureen Johnson is like the Joss Whedon of YA, and she certainly lived up to that in book 2.

Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

Fun review! I wanted to write a review of The Madness Underneath without spoiling The Name of the Star which meant, yeah, I could write virtually nothing. So I linked to your review instead. Thanks!

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