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22 February 2013


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I'm in. SO in. IN IN IN IN IN.

Melissa @ Book Nut

I think I didn't like that Celia was a bit whiny. But other than that, agreed. Quite good.


Awww... your review made me smile. I really want to read this now. :)


It's geared a little younger than the YA I usually review here, but I really enjoyed it. (Obviously.)

Miss Print

I've been excited about this one since I saw the cover online. So excited to hear you like and recommend it. And who could resist a girl who loves Howl? I mean really!


Thank you for your assessment of her poetry. I'm not really a fan of poetry so I didn't feel comfortable assessing it though I wondered how her love of poetry affected how she viewed life.


I'm sure, that like anything else, some people will like her poetry and some people won't, but I did! (And, yes, I definitely feel that her love of poetry comes through in her regular prose, and I really liked that.) As someone who's not super-into poetry, how did you react to that aspect of the book: did those parts work for you, or did you find them distracting?


I ordered this book and read it in short order. Maybe it hit me at the right time -- I'm dealing with some bullying issues at the middle school where I teach. I loved that there was a girl who was hurting, and still stood up to the meaness.

And she got caught up in the meaness and took responsibility for her part in it. The Drake/Celia conversations seem real and believable.

I passed this off to my favorite critical kid reader -- so I'm interested to see what she thought.

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