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21 March 2013


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Also The Dark Wife! That one has a lady Hades and three-headed puppy. And Psyche in a Dress, and a handful of others I need to look at my shelf to remember.

Sarah Rettger

I have another one for your list, but since the Persephone bit is part of the reveal, I'm not sure I should tell you what it is. [devious cackle] But it's your kind of book anyway, so you'll probably get to it by the time it comes out this summer.

Jennifer in GA

I am *such* a sucker for Persephone retellings!


@Marie: Those ones are new to me: I'll have to look them up! Thanks.

@Sarah Rettger: Maybe you should recommend, like, THREE TO FIVE upcoming titles, and I'll READ THEM ALL. That way, I'll be sure not to miss it, and you won't be spoilerizing me!

@Jennifer: Me, too. I love that the ones I've read have been so varied.


A dear friend of mine wrote The Dark Wife and will be so excited to hear that people are promoting it! Leila, did you read and enjoy it?

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