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08 March 2013


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For the readers who may not know: Leila and I were roomies for years back in Boston, when the combined weight of our book collections actually bowed down the floor of our (admittedly fleabag) apartment.
Leila was always a collector (which may be why she has a shelf on which she can see 4 identical copies of Blackhearts in Battersea--which is, come on, an amazing book, but?) and I was always a ruthless culler (which is why I have bought Agatha Christie's The Moving Finger at least four times in my life. True story: I once lived in a small college town where the second hand book store owner knew/trusted me so much that he offered me the loan of his car for a job. [ahem, because for years I would just return my read books for unread books without pretending like I'd bought them elsewhere. Over and over. Also I loved both his cats and his {huge} dog]), all of which gives you a little insight into the back and forth and will hopefully make you cut me some slack about my barefaced theft.


The multiples of Battersea? TOTALLY JOSH'S FAULT, I SWEAR! He just has this THING about that specific edition, and he can't stop buying it!

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