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25 March 2013


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Please be good. Please be good. Oh please oh please oh please be good!


Seconding what Becky said - I actually thought the casting was pretty great so I am actually looking forward to this, possibly against my better judgement.

JoanneMarie Faust

They've taken so long to get this far in the movie process. I really hope they are going to do it right. *fingers crossed*

Diana Peterfreund

Looks like the second attempt at the Across the Universe book covers. Am also very much looking forward to the film.


I'm so wondering what this is going to be like and crossing my fingers for goodness since I adore the book so much.


@Diana: Yeah, it does, doesn't it? I don't that would have occurred to me if you hadn't said it, but now I can't unsee it!

@Everyone else: YES. I hope it's good as well.

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