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04 March 2013


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Maureen E

Also, and this cannot be said loudly enough, RICHARD III. *fangirl squee*

This is actually the only JK book I've read to date, but your series is reminding me that I really need to fix that.


Hahaha, yes! :) It is SO easy to get all fangirly about Richard III (and to a degree, the Ricardians themselves)!

Auntie M.

"The muse...Such a hard task-mistress!" Lady Isobel kills me.


Ahahahaha! YES. The scene where she reads her atrocious poetry? AMAZING.


I have got to reread this one. First I need to get a copy for myself because I lost mine ages ago and it is so bloody perfect. Speaking of Tey though - have you read Nicola Upson's Josephine Tey mystery series? I read the first one, "An Expert in Murder" and it's really quite good. Tey is the crime solver and it follows very closely to events in her real life. In a perfect world she would have been private detective, so I heart what Upson is doing. :)


You know, I bought An Expert in Murder when it came out, but then I never got around to reading it? I know exactly where it is, though, so I'll bump it up in the pile -- glad to know that you liked it... I feel like I heard some mixed reactions to it, and maybe I got worried about being disappointed?

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