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03 April 2013


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Clementine Bojangles

I love these posts, but I never guess what book it is. Probably I'm too eager to see and can't take the 15 seconds to think it through. But keep 'em coming!


I laugh at them, too. But then I feel guilty. Like I'm being mean. :(


"There were too many words."



"Private school in Alabama" and "meandering" are really all you need to hear...


Could it be Looking for Alaska by John Green?


@Clementine: Will do!

@Overdolibrarian: To the books or to the reviewers? I figure that the books are so ALMOST universally beloved that they can take the hit. As for the reviewers, hopefully if they come across these posts, they'll realize that I'm not posting their comments to be mean-spirited, but rather as an entertaining guessing game? I always think it's fun to look at familiar stories through an unfamiliar filter, and for these accolade-heavy books, a negative impression is that unfamiliar filter. Or something.

@Angie: I, also, loved that line. Of course, I think I said something pretty similar about Matched, so there you go! :D

@Robin: Heh.

@Jenn: DING! We have a winner!

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