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01 April 2013


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Jessica Silverstein

YES, all of this. These books just make me want to dance around with glee. They're just the most FUN. I can forgive a lot in service of this much fun (and there's not THAT much to have to forgive.)


TOTALLY. My issues were minor, and they really didn't detract from my enjoyment factor whatsoever! (But, you know: I felt that I had to mention 'em, because that's WHAT I DO. :P) SO VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT (AND LAST, *sob*) ONE.


Thanks so much for defending these books against all The Queen's Thief comparisons. It was making me nuts. Sure there are a few similarities but not enough that they could or should be compared. Also, while I enjoy The Queen's Thief series, I don't worship at its altar and think that they are the end all be all in thief/political intrigue books.


@Eliza: I do worship at the altar of The Queen's Thief, and there are certainly similarities in plot/structure, but yeah: I really feel that the authors are attempting far different things.


I am LOVING this series!

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