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07 May 2013


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Jennifer Powers

Varient is worth it. The book goes CRAZY after the paintball game. Twists that I actually didn't see coming!

Jennifer Powers

Um. VariAnt. Jeeze. You'd think it was Monday!


Ha! I'm totally with you on the Tuesday-as-Monday thing. I'll have to snag Variant before the day is out!

Jennifer Powers

Not to hijack your blog, but I think S&S was smart to reverse its decision. Have you read The 5th Wave yet? It's absolutely amazing and will change everything for Yancey. Deservedly so.


Comment away, friend! And agreed, obvs, about S&S reversing the decision.

I haven't read 5th Wave yet, though I have it at home and am DYING to find a free afternoon so I can power through it all in one go. Glad to hear that you liked it so much!

Jessica Silverstein

Yes to Variant! It's a blast. I got a FB message earlier this year from one of last year's students: "Mrs. S, what was that awesome book with the [redacted for spoilers]? I think it had a V in the title. I remembered the sequel was coming out and I really want to read it!" (Of course, while I made a point of preordering the sequel, I haven't gotten to it yet. But that's through no fault of its own.).

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