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20 June 2013


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Oh my gosh!! This has so much that I love, especially libraries. Sign me up for this one. Actually, I just did add myself to the hold list for this when it comes into the library. Luckily, I'm 3rd on the list out of 16 copies ordered. I love being at the top of the hold list for a book I'm super excited about.

The contest prize of a pre-opening lock-in reminds me of when I was in 4th or 5th grade and I got locked into my small town's library at night. It was fantastic - once I discovered I had a way out without having to call my parents to come rescue me.


I just finished the book and have to say it's a lot of fun and very clever. I came up with almost 30 book titles incorporated in Mr. Lemoncello's conversation. I'm sure I missed some but it was a fun Easter egg when I did find one. We should compare lists.

Also think this book would be enjoyed by fans of The Westing Game, Kate Messner's Silver Jaguar Society books, and The Mysterious Benedict Society books, all of which aren't just mysteries but also puzzle solving books.

Thanks for the recommendation and letting me know about it. It was just the perfect book for me at this time.

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