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19 June 2013


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Jody K.

My first thought had been Code Name Verity, then when she mentioned whining in a diary I had a crazy moment of thinking it was Anne Frank. The 12-year-old comment confused me; she wants her to start acting like an adult but says she is 12. High expectations.


WOWZA. Since when is she twelve!? And, clearly she has never met someone using gallows humor. Clear evidence of the folly of reading Amazon/Goodreads reviews.


Yes, Amazon reviewer, keep reading! The composition becomes engaging when the 12-year-old girl butches up and summons a dragon. And then they open the lost ark of the covenant and the Nazi torturer's head melts. And then the girl grabs one of the head Nazi's pencils and writes the Diary of Anne Frank. And then Admiral Nelson comes and everybody gets manicures.

It's super-awesome especially if you have no reading comprehension.


Wow! That's a far cry from my review ( http://faustisbookquest.blogspot.com/2013/06/code-name-verity.html ) which begins, "There aren't enough compliments to pay this book..." I think it's safe to say that the Amazon reviewer above is undeserving of Wein's masterpiece.

Gail Gauthier

You know, my first thought was correct, but I, too, was thrown by the reference to the main character being twelve. And I wondered about Anne Frank, too.


@Jody and @Gail: I didn't even THINK of Anne Frank, though I'm sure that one has some DOOZIES of one-star reviews. *makes note to check on that soon*


Big LOL for Marjorie! Thanks for the extra laughs!


+5 to Marjorie! (I'd have given the points to your Hogwarts house, but I don't know which one you belong to.)


The twelve-year-old reference had me thinking of Anne Frank also, in a totally horrified way. It also made me briefly consider The Book Thief.


No way.

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