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20 June 2013


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You know, you have to wonder when we need to let go. I am sure her sister is lovely, but she's not Dame Diana, and I don't want them to do this again. Unless it's nearly finished already, like this one... I don't want it to be like Tolkien's grandson making stuff up, after his grandfather had well passed on.


Yeah, I can't imagine that they'd do it again unless they find another manuscript that's almost done.


I hope?

I still remember how disappointed I was in the three or four Bellairs books that were finished by Brad Strickland. (I don't have anything particular against Strickland, they just WEREN'T THE SAME.)


*snif* You know, I put off reading Earwig and the Witch for like a YEAR because it was the very last DWJ book I would ever read for the first time. Now there's another one. I will probably cry the whole time. But yeah, I wouldn't want them to do it again unless they had the same thing going on, and I'd bet that Ursula wouldn't...but I'd love to see a collection of "unfinished bits and bobs that are still neat" someday.

It's true, Strickland isn't the same. Sigh. It's probably pathetic that I read them anyway.


I had the same sniffly reaction reading this. I'm inclined not to either hold out too much hope for the book or blow it off, objectively, but the book is secondary to THE EMOTIONS THIS ARTICLE EVOKES.

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