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04 June 2013


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Kate P

I loved CINDER--I couldn't put it down the weekend I got it. And I agree, the setting is awesome for this series. Maybe I loved Cinder too much, because I sorely missed her in SCARLET. I just couldn't quite feel the same attachment to Scarlet. That said, I can't wait to see what happens next.


I totally see how that could happen, because it was definitely a big shift. For me, it worked because I loved the relationship between Scarlet and Wolf (and even more so when the Big Reveal happened (which, yes, was expected, but it still worked for me)), and I loved that she didn't have some ridiculous coincidental magical immunity to the Lunar mind control. Also, I liked seeing Cinder from the outside, if that makes sense?

AND, of course, IKO KILLS ME.

I'm so much looking forward to book three.

Kate P

Yes, IKO! I feel as if I totally know what her voice would sound like.


@Kate: I'm not a huge audiobook person, but from what I remember, the reader's take on Iko's voice is PERFECT.


I thought Scarlet was SO amazing-I'm completely hooked on this series and can't wait for book 3.


Ditto! Do we know what fairy tale it'll be based on? (She says, too lazy to Google it.)

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