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17 June 2013


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R.J. Anderson

Yay, a SAPPHIQUE review, and you liked it! I continue to be sadly disappointed with all the people who didn't get these books and/or love them even half as much as I do. I still rather wish she'd gone on to a third book, as I felt there were a few plot threads that could do with more resolution, but on the other hand I would have been sadly disappointed if some of the subplots (*cough* Jared and Claudia *cough*) didn't resolve the way I'd hoped, so I'll take it.


Thank you for the reminder about the Glamourist Histories series. I've had the first two books on my TBR list for a while and forgot about them (it is a very long list). Now, that you've reminded me why I was so interested, they've moved way up on the list. I'm a sucker for a great Regency novel and, yes, am a huge fan of Georgette Heyer in spite of some non-politically correct issues in her books.

I loved both Incarceron and Sapphique. When Incarceron first came out, my friend and I gobbled it up and couldn't wait until Sapphique was released in the US, so we ordered a copy from the UK. I think I'm in the minority with liking Incarceron best. Anyway, I can second the recommendation for this series if anyone is looking for a great mystery/thriller/fantasy book for this summer.


Definitely agree about the Glamour in Glass cover-have you seen the third book's cover? I really hope that is supposed to be her sister because it makes NO sense if it's supposed to be Jane.

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