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11 July 2013


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Not a fan of horses, and would have skipped this given the title and cover.
Big fan of D.J. and Joan Bauer.



"Read this if you're a fan of Joan Bauer" - well you hooked me right there. Is it safe to assume that you've added this book to the growing list Pets Don't Die books? I think I mentioned in the comments for that list that I've found horses fair better (i.e., live more often) than dogs or cats.

I'm with you on craving books without romance - especially without the contrived and tiresome love triangle - maybe it's because so many seem forced just for the sake of having a romance. If you're looking for a great book without romance that is also gritty, have you read Orleans by Sherri L. Smith? It's awesome. Check out the review by The Book Smugglers if you haven't read it yet. Fantastic female character and interesting male character who work together without falling in love.

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