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07 July 2013


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Our Camp Read-a-Lot day camp for media specialists and teachers has been very popular--we are on year 6 and registration still fills within days of opening. http://www.campreadalot.org. We have tweaked it over the years--grade levels, added a day, went back to one day, have a virtual camp for upper grades and those who can't come to the day camp. It is easy to replicate--other systems in our state have followed our lead and done Camps, too.

Our campers love it! Especially the author talk--last year we had Katherine Paterson; the year before was Avi. This year our local National Book Award winner Will Alexander is the speaker. Here are some pics from year 1--we always have cool t-shirts for our counselors (public library youth services staff)! http://www.flickr.com/photos/metrolibraries/sets/72157606815122593/

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