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10 July 2013


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"I don't like books written in first person or present tense or with religion in them or with characters who are smart in some ways and clueless in others [aka MOST WELL-WRITTEN CHARACTERS IN THE UNIVERSE]." I kid...but why would you pick up a book with so many characteristics that you know irk you, before you even START READING?

That said -- I had some serious unexamined fatphobia issues with this book too. (Everything else in it, I loved.) Adored the sequel, can't wait for the third book.


I would say it's all a matter of opinion until they get to the last sentence. OMG DON'T SAY SUCH A BLATANTLY WRONG THING!! WE NEED MORE CHARACTERS LIKE THESE, NOT LESS! Read this book if you're looking for a different KIND of strong heroine! THANK YOU!


I actually figured out which book he was talking about-yay me!


I know I'm all alone in my libraryverse when I say this, but I... kind of felt the same way. (Especially about the fat.)

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