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24 July 2013


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"Much to do about nothing."


Wait, someone bought a book off of the recommendation of Lebron James? That's hilarious in and of itself.


I didn't care much for this book either. The writing just felt kind of thin to me. Any time I can read an entire book and not be tempted in the slightest to go read the others in the series...meh

I went ahead and watched the movie though. Again, I wasn't impressed.

Well I went downstairs not 5 minutes ago and discovered my 11 year old daughter was watching it....and bawling her eyes out.

She's crying like I do when I watch Braveheart or Last of the Mohicans.

I'm waiting to see if it's so painful that she avoids the books, or if she begs me to go to the library RIGHT NOW as soon as the movie's over.


I knew it! I didn't care for the book myself, but that remark about not going to college? Please. Judging from the grammatical errors of the first blurb, it looks as if that reviewer did not even finish third grade.


The writing just felt kind of thin to me

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