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06 July 2013


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If you have a blender, magic bullet or food processor I would just use one of those and save yourself the money.


THANK YOU. That is TOTALLY what I needed to hear.

Even just looking at the website, I was all, "HELLO, I have both a food processor and an immersion blender, I DO NOT NEED THIS", but I needed back-up. So, again, thank you.


Ah but can you think of a substitute for the donut pan I keep wishing for?


Tried one this weekend, and found that it changes the texture of the frozen banana in a way a blender/processor doesn't. Almost makes them taste gummy. Definitely not worth it.


@Rachel: And now I want a donut pan, thank you SO MUCH. :P

@Paige: Eeeeeeeeeeew. I think I'm going to pass.


Save your money! Mom, dad and I bought one and brought it back. Our vitamix works so much better. A vitamix or high powered blender works to make DELICIOUS banana ice cream. We make it weekly here. Maybe when you're working up the street I can smuggle some into the library for you to try if you haven't already? ;)



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