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22 July 2013


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Oooh. Magic words, these. I LOVED me some Chalice.
And I really did like Shadowfell; I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a fan fave during the Cybs.


Ooh, I want to read this so much!! I only read your opening 3 paragraphs to avoid spoilers, but yeah. Loved Shadowfell.


Waahhhhh, you're making my TBR pile bigger again... I loved Juliet Marillier's Wildwood Dancing.


@Tanita: We shall have to evangelize for this one EVEN HARDER, then. (In general, I mean, not necessarily in re: the Cybils. While they're both satisfying as stand-alone stories, they're both clearly part of a larger story, and I think that often works against books award-wise.)

@Alysa: YAY! Always glad to see Shadowfell get the love.

@Julie: YES! *fist pump* (And I really enjoyed WD as well.)


I got a patron hooked on Shadowfell and she was so upset with me for getting my hands on Raven Flight before her. I can't wait to gush over it with her when she brings it back.

Your post just made me want to read both books again. I think I will give in to that urge.

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