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26 August 2013


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Lindsey Carmichael

I skimmed a couple of pages and my inner line editor started to twitch and grope for a pen. In combination with the whole James Frey plus fiction factory issue, that was enough for me.


Don't bother,I read it before I knew all the James Frey stuff and still thought it was poorly written and edited.


Ditto what CJ said - I read it not realizing it was his, and was twitching. Finding out it WAS his, I wanted to fling it across the room...


The only thing I found interesting about this book is the fact that some chapters are better written than others. And when I found out about the Frey factory of students writing, I realized different people wrote the chapters. Well, that is what I have inferred...


I strongly third CJ and tanita. :D Spend your precious reading time elsewhere. (IMHO)

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