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10 September 2013


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You are amazing, but we knew that. Brava!


...WOW. Congratulations! That is one awesome gift.




That's awesome!!! Way to rock library-dom.


It sounds like SO MUCH FUN to get everything you've ever wanted, to use every cool idea you've ever heard of in a library. The Duplo library! The cake pan library! The tool library! And CHEERS to getting rid of VHS!!!!!!

Yes. Do take that nap... so excited for you!


Wowsers, that is amazing! Congratulations, that is fantastic that the Board really listened and supported you, and that you've managed to get all that work done. Take a nap, you deserve it.


Congrats! You are rocking this job.


Wow! What amazing changes in such a short time, with so many new things to come. I hope the patrons appreciate the work and you!


Leila Roy: Superlibrarian.

I'm so thrilled that everything in Maine continues to be awesome.


Congratulations on all the accomplishments. My pet peeve when my kids were little - the only books that were shelved face out at kid level were the "series" like Berenstain Bears and Clifford. My daughter would walk up, pick up six books and declare herself ready to go!


Your library patrons are lucky to have you!


Just my 2 cents - while weeding may be in order, consider holding on to both VHS movies and audio cassettes of popular/worthy items - if you can wrangle the different shelving requirements. My husband, the audio book fanatic and library superuser, has found that cassettes are far more durable in circulation than CDs, and I have often found library DVDs unusable. Experience has shown many times that the frail-looking magnetic tape in cassettes and VHS is strangely reliable. (And we live in central Texas, where you might expect magnetic tape to fail even earlier than elsewhere.) Don’t be a format hater!


@RTBoyce: I haven't gotten rid of them, I've just moved them further back into the stacks. That way, I can keep track of how much they get requested, as well as making the section less of a jumble. So far, it hasn't been about the items breaking down: it's that—at least according to to my anecdotal evidence—less and less people have access to machines that actually PLAY them.

Anyway. I definitely agree that tapes hold up better than CDs in circulation, but if my patrons can't/don't use them, then I'd rather use the space to house something that they can/do use. They aren't going anywhere just yet, though! :)


OK, it's true: you *are* the most awesome librarian!


Congratulations! That is fantastic! And I believe you mentioned that you are the only full time librarian too! That is just mind blowing. Well done!!! All the awards to you!

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