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11 September 2013


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It's such a great book. To invite someone whose book is about bullying to speak to students about bullying, but then renege because of "coarse" language is ridiculous. Hopefully the publicity will just drive up sales of her book. What a mess.


In my last library position, the teen advisory board was didn't choose this book after reading a review. However, I might buy it for my new library. Need to reread reviews and whatnot. Really, ass? Come on. If that's the worst "bad word" your teen knows, then clearly you don't ever talk to your teenager because I bet they know worse.


This post is the best.

And "Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass" is, hands down, the best title I've seen this year. I will immediately request it from my local library.


@cc: I do excel at immature humor.

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