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10 September 2013


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Hilariously, the article that screams "School Board refuses to ban profane book" goes on to say in the second sentence: "She doesn't want it banned, but just not given out as an assignment."

Which makes the headline extra-specially gratuitous, right? Plus that sentence makes me twitch, with the 'but' in there.

We are having a ton of fun at work making mug shots of students 'caught reading banned books.' They'll go up all over the library for BBW. Are you doing anything fun?


Nothing TOO exciting this year, since I'm still working on getting to know patrons, etc. I love the Caught Reading Banned Books idea, though: I may have to steal it at some point. :D


"First of all, how many parents read those permission slips that come home?" she's quoted as saying. This seems like such a clear admission that she sees it as her responsibility to step in for all those negligent parents.

Also, the idea that any 12 year old has not heard every profane, obscene and blasphemous word in current usage stretches my powers of credulity past their limits.

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