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07 September 2013


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I think Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress is a great readalike for Percy Jackson. It features a tween/early teen boy tackling Indian mythology, and there's tons of action.


Ooo, awesome! Thanks!

Maureen E

If he likes the graphic novel world, what about Amulet? I read most of the first one and it seemed like a really solid hero quest type deal.


Good call on that one, too! Excellent.


Thanks for posting this list! My son finished the Percy Jackson series this summer and just finished the Harry Potter series last weekend. He is going through serious withdraw! He started HP book 1 all over again. What age is Skulduggery Pleasant geared toward?


Skulduggery's partner is twelve, and SLJ lists it as geared to grades 5-8.

Suddenly I totally want to read them all! I've only read the first one.


Oh I always rec The Heir Chronicles for these kids, a present day fantasy by Cinda Chima. It starts with The Warrior Heir; the fourth is coming out this year. She also has an epic fantasy series starting with The Demon King.


Great! I have been eying up the series for awhile and it gives me an excuse to buy more books.
My son is 7, but is an insatiable reader. We are having trouble finding books for him that are challenging and meeting his reading needs but appropriate content wise for his age. Any suggestions would be appreciated! You always have fantastic recommendations. I totally bought "Conjured" the other day because of your review!


@Katie: OH, RIGHT! That's one of those series I keep MEANING to read, but still haven't gotten to! I'll read the first one, STAT!

@Beth: I hope it's a good match! If you remember, let me know what you think of it. :D

Beth F.

Here are a few other series that may appeal to the Percy Jackson crowd:

Beyonders, a trilogy by Brandon Mull
The Land of Elyon, a series by Patrick Carman
The Books of Umber, a trilogy by P.W. Catanese
100 Cupboards, a trilogy by N.D. Wilson
The Sisters Grimm, a series by Michael Buckley

These are not greek mythology, but they do include fantasy and fairy tales. My daughter and I loved the Percy Jackson series, as well as many you listed above. Just thought I'd add these others to your list!

PS. Thanks for the heads up, I have to check out the Corydon series, hadn't heard of it!!


Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness has that boy-and-prophecy plotline and might be a good fit.


Can I copy your read-alike list and use it?
I am a YA librarian in NJ.


@Beth F.: Awesome! Thanks for that!

@Tammy: Cool, I'll look it up!

@Brigitte: No problem at all, as long as you credit your source! :)




For the more hardcore Greek mythology fans there's also Padraic Column's retellings of the Iliad, Odyssey and Golden Fleece; also Edith Hamilton's Mythology is very accessible for youngish readers and, of course, there's also Lloyd Alexander's the Arcadians.

There's a book about a 12ish boy who finds a portal to the underworld in a fountain in Central Park; lots of ghosts/Greek mythology stuff. Can't remember the title, and wasn't personally a fan, but might be especially good for the quieter types.

Gillian Wiseman

Rick Yancey's Alfred Kropp series is a good one. Action and adventure; maybe a little more gruesome than Rick Riordan. Arthurian connected.

Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain are Welsh mythology-based. Maybe a little younger. Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising is also Welsh/Arthurian. Ignore the horrible movie from a few years back.


One of the best Percy Jackson read-alikes I've come across is Loki's Wolves by Kelley Armstrong & Melissa Marr. It has the mixture of action, humor, and emotion that makes Percy such a win, and it's focused on Norse mythology.

Also, Michelle Paver, whose Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is mentioned above, has a new series based on Greek mythology--the first one is Gods and Warriors.

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