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30 October 2013


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I LOVED these.


Ahhh I want framed copies of the covers for my very own (slightly different kind of) queer library!


They are easily found at Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere!


My allergist's office had one of these! Whichever one had to do with lhasa apsos. I read that so many times while waiting for my allergy shots...


Gwen tapping her teeth--how many times did I hear that tapping as I read?
I so loved these, although I only remember reading a couple of them, so i will have to check out the others. Thanks!


I loved these books! I actually used the library one as my book title for our school Halloween project/event called Books on Parade in second grade and won for my class! I made clay dogs. I still have my Lhasa Apso figurine.

Elizabeth Levy

Thanks so much everybody! Mordicai and I wrote these books almost 40 years ago, and we are still friends, and still love Fletcher, and both still writing and illustrating. My newest book is with Bruce Coville, Amber Brown is On the Move. Amber was started around the same time as Fletcher by our great friend, Paula Danziger. So we will try to bring these books back in print. And by the way, this December I'm working with a class in Brooklyn to write a mystery, featuring Fletcher. I love to write mysteries with kids, and it all started with Fletcher.
Thanks again,
Elizabeth Levy

Kate P

"Gwen began to tap on her braces"--Yes! I adored Fletcher.

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