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20 October 2013


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*Sigh*--that does sound fun. I don't think I can get my library to pay for it, though. Since it's a community college and all. :D


Although, if I DID, I would wear my Moominmamma necklace so you could recognize me!


@dangermom: That would be AWESOME.

Jennifer @ 5 Minutes for Books

I am SO looking forward to going for my first time as well. For the last couple years I've jealously read the posts and tweets and drooled over the locations, so when I saw it was in my home state, I knew this was definitely my year.

Reading that there's not a dance floor has solidified my excitement in attending :)

And honestly any time I've mixed and mingled with book bloggers, they've been nothing but awesome, so I think it's an introvert-safe environment. I hope more people sign up, but the idea of it being smaller is kind of cool too -- more of a chance to "go deep" and form real connections as opposed to seeing and being seen (which I've experienced at other blogging conferences and gives me heart palpitations).

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