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23 October 2013


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Uh. That seems bad. How on earth would you make those books into a movie and not have it be awful? I re-read them last year, remembering how neat I thought they were back then.


We just got an offer to interview him about a new writing book he's written in the style of that sort of art-narrative pastiche he's so good at... but this... Yeah. Knee jerk suspicion and unhappiness.

Gail Gauthier

The highlight of my career as a parent to teenagers: I gave my son's then girlfriend the first Griffin & Sabine book for some reason lost to me. She lent it to a friend who then read it in class and gasped out loud when she reached the end.

I saved no young lives, shaped no young souls, but I introduced Griffin and Sabine to my teenage son's social circle. That is enough. I can rest.


Super confident or super in need of a cash infusion, because it's definitely been a long time since he's had much of anything going on, although he does have something coming out next year.


@Lisa: Thank you for voicing that thought so I didn't have to. Because my mind definitely went there, but then I felt WEIRDLY GUILTY about actually saying it out loud. (Or, well, writing it down. You know what I mean.)


Oh, my mind always goes there with book/movie deals. They almost never work out well, but the money is super-tempting. Best-case scenario, they paid him a large advance, he invests wisely, they never get around to making the movie, and he's all set.


Don't put anything past Hollywood. They don't care if it translates well; they just want the name recognition of the title. Don't forget they made a film out of the game Battleship.


of his work i would make a film of _the venetian's wife_ first, it seems like it would translate so much better there are a wealth of intriguing, mysterious, sometimes shady characters and a cute guy in new orleans. what's not to like?

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