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11 November 2013


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Monica Edinger

I have it (did you see my two blog posts on it?) and it is absolutely gorgeous.


I haven't, yet! I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in my blog reading, and am only up to the 'C's in my Kidlit folder. :P

Anyway, I will skip ahead and read said posts RIGHT NOW! (Missed you at Kidlitcon! Maybe next year?)


So I have to admit I'm having a bit of a "Huh?" reaction to a German edition of English retellings of German folk tales, but I will buy literally anything that has Shaun Tan's name on it (usually five or six times, so I have copies to give away).

That man is a goddamn transcendent genius.


@CC: Heh. Yeah, I had a giggle about the translation weirdness as well. :D

Did you click through? Because there are more pictures at his site!

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