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27 November 2013


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Apparently she's written Clifford, Barbie, and Sesame Street books, too.

And yes, our Christmas books go out year-round. They used to be interfiled in the picture book section, but last year the children's librarian finally convinced everyone it would not implode the universe to pull the holiday books out into their own separate collection. After that, circulation of all the holiday books went through the roof. Well, maybe not the Thanksgiving ones, but definitely Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Valentine's Day. Pretty much all the gift and/or candy holidays.


Heh. I've been (slowly) working on separating out the Christmas books in order to A) weed the broken/grody ones, B) catalog the ones that need to be cataloged (which is a good 1/2 of them), and C) add them to my new Holidays/Celebrations section. So far it's been quite popular!

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