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04 January 2014


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I got this from my library because of your link. (Yeah! Because of you!) I'm at the point where the new guy is there, that c-h lummox, and he's served his first meal. I am enjoying the below-stairs aspect. The class system in the UK has always fascinated me. It's almost like the caste system, in that it's next to impossible to move up (though horribly easy to move down.)

That reminds me, there is a new book called Servants: A Downstairs History of Britain from the Nineteenth Century to Modern Times which I should probably see if my library has. Could further feed my fascination!


YAY! Glad you're enjoying it so far, too! I also have a long-term fascination with the belowstairs stuff -- I have ever since I was a kid. :)

And someone just donated Servants to the library last week, so it's totally on my radar as well! Looking forward to that one.

Sarah Rettger

Servants is fab, with all kinds of amazing/ridiculous detail. And Leila, I'm loving these posts -- I read Longbourn months ago, and loved it except for one major complaint that, I realized, basically amounts to "she didn't write the book I wanted her to write."


Oh, excellent, I'll bump Servants up even further on my list.

And I'm glad you're enjoying, Sarah--it's always fun for me to look back at my train of thought over the course of a book. :) And now I'm totally intrigued by your reaction. I'm curious to see how my feelings will compare!

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