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03 February 2014


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THANK YOU for saying this. I'm really bothered that she would even do this. It's like a betrayal of the story and the fans, to go back after the fact and say that what she wrote is wrong. And I do agree that I always liked Ron and Hermione together, even if they are opposites in many ways. Hermione would have always played second fiddle to Harry, whereas with Ron she can be herself, and her intelligence and strong personality are an asset to the relationship (even if they probably still get on Ron's nerves sometimes, but hey, that's relationships).


Re: the wish fulfillment. Does anyone else remember, way back early on in the series, how she said in interviews that Hermione was very much like her, and Ron was very much like her high school best friend (whom I believe Chamber of Secrets is dedicated to)? Perhaps there were some personal regrets she was working through... which have lessened much over the years and among her current happy family perhaps?

That said, I saw Ron/Hermione coming in Book 2. Note the way Ron has no problem insulting her at any opportunity, but the moment anyone ELSE insults her he JUMPS VEHEMENTLY TO HER DEFENSE-- Harry never reacts to the same extent Ron does, and Ron ALWAYS reacts. That was my first tip-off, and admittedly I've shipped the two of them ever since!

I'm annoyed at the way the media (and then the fans) react to everything Rowling says, as if it's all a SHOCKING REVELATION, when with any other author "You know, sometimes I wonder if I should have done this another way" would be taken at face value and not as an OMG HARRY/HERMIONE SHIPPERS WERE RIGHT! Which, I wish more people would notice that that was just what the Hypable article jumped to-- there's no indication she thought Harry/Hermione would have worked, either!

Diana Peterfreund

I think this is a woman who is constantly asked very obscure questions about the lives and fate of every minor character in the series for generations (e.g., does the surviving Weasley twin create patronuses again?), and has been asked for decades, and everything she says is broadcast far and wide and debated on a thousand internet fanboards and at amusement parks based on said characters and in in conventions run by people who literally make their living by being fans of her series. I think a lot of authors have thoughts about what they did or should have done and we just don't know it because people don't care as much.

I also find it tiresome that the question about someone as awesome as Hermione has anything to do with "who she ended up with" rather than any other facet of her life.


I, too, caught on early to the Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny love quadrangle. I realized that if they paired off the way they (eventually) did, then they would all be related through the Weasleys. And what Harry has wanted most of all is to be part of a family, especially one like the Weasleys. If he had paired off with Hermione, that wouldn't have happened. They might all be friends, but not truly family, and while Hermione has parents they are not a part of this world. This way Harry is a part of a large, loving magical family.
I wonder if Rowling lost sight of that fact?


"I also find it tiresome that the question about someone as awesome as Hermione has anything to do with "who she ended up with" rather than any other facet of her life."

Totally agree, Diana!


I agree so much with everything you have all said here, particularly Sarah's comment about how they way it worked out, they're all family now. :) I love the Weasleys!

Also, thank you to Leila for publicly stating that Hermione didn't HAVE to end up with anyone!! This isn't an Orson Scott Card novel, after all...


It totally should have been Harry and Hermione, especially since Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson had real onscreen chemistry when they played those characters. I read that the films' director tried to talk Rowling into hooking up Harry and Hermione. Too bad she ignored him). Ron and Hermione had zip in common, bickered all through the books (and not in a "cute" way), and make a very dull couple. The only connection I can see is that Ron is so inept he needs a "mommy" type of woman to take care of him. But what the eff does Hermione get out of it?

Plus Ginny was a drippy cipher at best. Good for Rowling for admitting her mistake.

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