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18 March 2014


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I just watched the video and yeah, 'glib' is a good word for it. Waaaay too facile. OTOH, I will cut him slack because the other huge complaint is that he wasn't responding quickly enough. well, do you want good, or fast? I'll hope that they produce something better in the very near future. I think there are some really good points made about the total lack of women in the front of the group.


oh, and I think we should note some things, like the extreme difficulty of handling accusations of abuse on the Internet. quick response and good response probably don't go together all that well. The Greens are not judges. Trolls abound and have already made stuff up to muddy the waters. And Hank's statement about how the nerd fighter community is handling this better than any other community on earth would do made me snort.


Cats, missiles? What? Hank, seriously? I agree with Carrie here - it offended me. I don't want to say "man-splaining" exactly, but it wasn't eloquent. It is possible to release a statement that's respectful & quick. Hank just didn't do it here.

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