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19 March 2014


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I'm at work, so I had to watch it with the sound off, but I can already tell that they should post a disclaimer saying the movie is a loose interpretation of the book written by Lois Lowry.

Why is it in color? Why was there kissing? This was not a kissing book. Why did Jonas and Gabe get sucked up by some sort of hover craft at the end? Was there any sort of law enforcement in the book? If there was, I'm sure they didn't ride motorcycles.

Not sure how I feel about this one.

Jackie Parker

Wow. That's... not the book I remember. I wonder how Lowry feels about it.

Lisa is Busy Nerding



Jonas, YOU OLD!

And YES on the color, and YES on the "is this a kissing book?" (I love you Jenn) and HI, is there not a major spoiler right there in the trailer?? If you were wondering whether Jonas would try to escape with Gabe, WORRY NO MORE!

what. the. hey.


I am SO HAPPY that other people are WTFing all over the place. Because WOW.

Jessica Silverstein

What the ACTUAL EFF. I hate this so much. The stupid thing is that this looks like a movie that could be based on A book that I WOULD LIKE (hello, Hunger Games aircraft with tractor beam)...just, it's clearly not based on THIS book that I DO LOVE.

I hate this SO much.


*headdesk* OK, is there some Universal Law that prevents more than one good book-to-movie adaptation at a time? And right now Hunger Games has the Spirit Stick.

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