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30 May 2014


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pete hautman

This is great. It's almost a graduate-level course on how to write a mystery.


Awesomeness! You should definitely read the later version. It's completely different, about a French-Canadian priest and a buried treasure and all, or something. It was one of my favorites.


Why don't I remember this? Did I really read this and not think it was totally insane?! Seriously, I read all of them, I'm sure of it... but that is totally crazy.


Thank you! I must have read this one, because I read them all, but somehow it left no impression...(?!?)

(here's what's sticking in my mind--I wouldn't have thought River Heights was a place where people just lounged around in slobby clothes--dude must have been dressed in a tux or something.....)


@dangermom: I'm going to have to -- all of the other ones I've written about have been the revised editions, and it sounds like they changed this one A LOT!

@katie & @Charlotte: I read the pre-revision version, so maybe you two read the revised one? According to @dangermom, it's VERY different.

@Charlotte: YES. I love the idea of this dude just ambling down the sidewalk in broad daylight WEARING A TUX. :D


Yeah, there are several where they rewrote the story to fit the title and the cover image, and those are the only points of similarity. There's one with Nancy looking into a rowboat for a clue. I'm no expert though.


"Impelled by some impulse which she could not explain"? Gah, they might as well just have said "impelled by the forces of plot contrivance". The least an author can do is try to hide the seams.

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