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17 May 2014


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Stopping 3 paragraphs in to say: GREENLIT? *barf*


Why can't she swallow her jealousy for a moment and be happy for another writer's success? Ultimately, a victory for John Green is a win for YA, and MG as a whole, right? People will be browsing the YA section who may not have before. I didn't like The Shadow Thieves, and after reading her diatribe, I am even less likely to read anything of hers in the future.


@Dawnreadlove: I didn't read the essay as negative about John Green, of his books, or of his success -- I read it as a criticism of the way that the media has framed their narrative surrounding his success.


Yes, but it just comes across as such a rant that she loses credibility, in my mind.


@Dawnreadlove: While I didn't get the remotest impression of jealousy, her tone certainly comes off as frustrated. I felt, though, that she explained her frustration well, as well as backing everything she said up with examples and putting it all in the context of the larger literary world/history.


I guess what I dislike the most is the gender politics she is employing. She is doing the same thing she accuses the media of, but in reverse. Her statement about the genre being written primarily by women, though fact, is used in part to exlclude some important males and diminish their contributions. Garth Nix, Scott Westerfeld, Christopher Pullman, etc. I have never been a fan of canonical debates that use gender as a reason gor excluding or including a work. If she wants to debate form, fine, but leave gender politics out of it. But then again, I read and enjoy Hemingway, so I must be a misogynist.


Oops, I meant Phillip Pullman, of course.


Why is everyone giving her a pass on the anti-white bigotry? Is that okay these days?


Dear lord.

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