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26 May 2014


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BURN. (delicious-to-read burn. sorry you had to fall on that swordfish for us.)



Josh has taken to harassing me with it.

At our most recent bonfire, conversation, shockingly, turned to books.

Josh: Oh! You know what book I'm really looking forward to reading?
Everyone else: Which one?
Josh: It's this book called Deep Blue, about...
Me: #(&#(*#(#)&#%@#&$(!!!!
Everyone else: *gives me side eye*
Josh: *falls over laughing*


Whew, you said all the critical things I was thinking about this book -- especially in relation to the unabashed "marketing opportunity" feel to it. I mean, I halfway liked the thing anyway b/c I'm a sucker for terrible puns and over-the-top infodumps, but... jeez, you really can practically smell the plastic toy packaging wafting off the pages.


Man, I was hoping all the way through this review that it was a different Jennifer Donnelly.

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