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20 May 2014


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If you haven't, check out Icefall by Matthew Kirby.

Lisa K

I love, love, love Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul! So glad to find I am not alone in that!

Christa @ More Than Just Magic

I just picked up the Tessa Gratton books myself. I resisted them for so long because like you said the cover art is atrocious. But I had enough friends swear to me that they're amazing. Glad to see you like them too.


Not Norse mythology, but a fascinating immigration/unreliable narrator/Norse fairy tale combination: West of the Moon, by Margi Preus which I LOVED (and I think you would like too, even though it's more middle grade. The narrator is just your type.)


Black Helicopters is a very stressful read, no lie, but at least it's only 160 pages so it's over quick.

More important, though, is to add Jessica Day George's Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow to your reading list. I feel like she somewhat underrated, and I hate that!

Viking Myths

Check out the brand new retelling of the old myths: Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses

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